360 / VR Photography

Whistler based?VR Photographer


360 Video and Virtual Reality experiences are still in their very early stages and the industry is growing fast.

Being a visual content creator allows me to help you?engage with your customers like never before. These?impressive new technologies encourages viewers to get in on the action by controlling their perspective with a simple tilt of a smartphone or nudge of a mouse. That?s great news for brands, as the novelty of that viewing experience not only makes people want to watch 360 videos, it also makes them want to share and will relate this one of a kind experience with the brand producing it.

360 Video is now supported by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and exciting technology that is changing the way social and digital platforms are used.

For in person demonstrations there is no better way than a VR headset.?These give the viewer a full immersive experience that needs to be experienced to believe.? With branded, interactive?content you can create an?experience that people will relate to and remember.

I am currently a VR and 360 Photography specialist located in the Sea to Sky Area servicing from Vancouver to Whistler. If you are interested in learning more of what 360 can offer your business then please get in touch.