Virtual Reality Production

As one of the first virtual reality and 360 content?creators in the Sea to Sky area I have been?enabling clients to take advantage of these?new and immersive technologies to gain significant increases in client engagement. Having enter the market at?the very start I have been constantly improving?my?camera and knowledge to provide the best possible immersive experiences.

360 video can now be experienced both online and offline, using handheld devices or Virtual Reality?headsets, and is rapidly becoming more common place. Since the start of?360 photo and film development all of the big player in the market are getting on board be that Google, YouTube, Samsung, Microsoft,?Sony or?Facebook. They are all embracing and launching new ways to develop and use 360 products to great public excitement.

Whether it be photo or video the immersive experience that 360 content offers allows?guests to be involved and engage with the content they are viewing by making their real life movements make an impact on the content. This all leads to greater levels of engagement in the content which is the most sought after result from brands and marketing experts.

Story telling is just as important in?VR as it is in traditional video, and though being involved in production since its launch I have great experience in?what makes effective?VR content, and know how to avoid the common pitfalls made by newcomers to?VR production.

If you have any questions or want to know more information about VR and how its having an impact on brand and audiences please feel free to get in touch, I am happy to discuss and demonstrate the amazing world of VR and?as with anything the best way to get a feel for it is to have a go.

Destination VR Marketing

Living in Whistler, destination VR marketing is something that I specialize in, getting to work with some of the best?brands and business throughout the sea to sky corridor and beyond. I like to get involved right from the start with the brands to help them create the story and explore ways that 360 video can be of the greatest benefit to them?while still providing the?greatest return on investment. Head over to the testimonials page and see what?some of my clients have to say.

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